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"Gill and Sue are wonderful to work with – they not only engaged with, but integrated into our team seamlessly. Their facilitation and NHS proficiency allowed them to quickly immerse into the essence of our project, adapting and agilely picking up the needs of our team and the wider work. They had the confidence to challenge us, using their outside perspective to suggest improvements to our approach and then, using their inside knowledge and expertise to influence the best route forward throughout our codesign process. As workshop planners they worked tirelessly to ensure the programme was optimal for our workshop attendees and aligned with the vision of our core team. Meanwhile, during the workshops, their facilitation skills were immaculate. Workshops were overwhelmingly effective, both individually and as a series of four. Attendees built relationships, progressed project plans, reflected, grew together and learned and have been well set up to move from co-design into implementation over the coming weeks. Thank you both for your pragmatism, kindness and eagerness for our work – we look forward to working with you again in the future."

Lauren Blum, Project Manager, South London Office of Specialised Services - 2024


"Since early 2019 Gill has led the CapitalNurse General Practice Nursing programme as part of London Region’s NHSE/I/HEE 10 Point Plan strategic implementation plan. Gill is particularly adept at identifying who needs to be round a table and bringing diverse stakeholders together to agree a common purpose and then to commission the ‘how to’ of delivering complex initiatives. Anyone working with Gill feels heard and valued, her watchwords are inclusivity and collaboration and in the tribal world of out of hospital nursing she has achieved a strong reputation for excellent relationship management.

Gill designed and delivered the CapitalNurse General Practice Nurse Qualification in Specialism, now adopted by all London HEI’s, as well as ground breaking work on best practice in retaining GPN’s, based on extensive focus groups to identify what really mattered and how it could be achieved. Gill is just finalising another significant product on GPN pensions, this is work that both GP employers and nurses highlighted as being important and I have no doubt the guide will be widely adopted and appreciated."

Claire Johnston, CapitalNurse Project Director, North Central London - 2020

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"Gill has vast experience of working within the NHS and primary care. In addition to which, Gill is proactive and efficient.Over the years, Gill has worked closely with stakeholders such as HEE, HENWL, NHSE and CQC. Gill has represented on various groups and has proactively worked to drive change within primary care and develop new models of care.Gill has always had a keen interest in furthering education in general practice and in the past has served on the Education Profession Leads Group, the Primary Care Nursing Forum and worked on the National Strategy for GPNs with the aim of establishing nursing scholarships, driving forward opportunities, and enhancing career opportunities. I believe that Gill will be an asset to any organisation"

Dr Michelle Drage, CEO, Londonwide LMCs - 2020

"Gill Rogers from Crosspath Consulting has been working with Hillingdon Training Hub and GP Confederation for the past two years. Gill joined us with her vast experience of training at Londonwide LMC.

Gill has been instrumental in leading and developing the GP practice non-clinical competency and training package. This includes a nationally presented programme of clinical correspondence and signposting taking a change management, whole practice system approach to upskilling administrative staff and embedding new practice processes in a safe and sustainable manner.

It is a pleasure and an honour to have Gill in our Hillingdon team, and her knowledge, experience and extensive networks benefit our whole primary care workforce and training programme."

Annette Alcock, Hillingdon Primary Care Workforce Lead - 2019
Hillingdon Training Hub and GP Confederation

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