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Business Meeting

Gill is able to offer coaching to clients to give clients time and space to think through issues that they are facing. She is an accredited Time to Think coach using Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment framework. Gill offers this virtually during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Business Team

Gill has a track record in helping systems with little infrastructure create sense and clarity of the workforce. She is excellent at helping people in systems and organisations work through some of their problems. Gill has worked for three years on a retention programme for General Practice nurses for NHSE/I, which has been a collaborative effort to create strategic direction for the sector, resources for GP employers and General Practice Nurses to improve employment to help drive up retention.  

Team Meeting

Gill works with clients to solve problems. She helps clients to identify the issues that they face, and the practical and realistic solutions they can achieve. She adds value to individuals and organisations by listening to their needs and crafting programmes and solutions that fit their needs.

Team Meeting

Gill is an experienced facilitator and works with clients to co-create programmes that work to meet the needs of organisations. She is an accredited Time to Think facilitator and an accomplished communicator, with first-hand experience of working with groups of professionals to develop communities of practice and expertise. Gill works at all levels of organisations from systems level to administration teams, often bringing diverse groups of people and organisations together to find and work on common goals and objectives. Gill is well versed with facilitating in the virtual world and has enjoyed chairing and facilitating many meetings since Covid-19 pandemic. 

Team High Five

Gill has a proven track record in leadership roles. She works well at a strategic level whilst ensuring that services are delivered to a high standard. Gill is able to navigate the politics and personalities to get tangible results.


Gill is a CEDR accredited mediator. She has provided a dispute resolution service for GPs in London and continues to be a volunteer in community mediation for Mediation Hertfordshire.  Gill believes that helping people to listen and hear each other in a safe environment through the process of mediation can improve working relationships and ultimately the leadership and working environment in organisations. 

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