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The Leadership Toolkit is a 'just-in-time' people management resource for leaders - a repository of practical tools and resources designed for busy people who need support that they can just take and use.


Read the report in full here.


The aim of this project was to explore the range of roles currently employed with the title of General Practice Nurse Educator (GPNE) and create a universal definition that can be applied to practice across primary care systems in England.


Read the report in full here.


Designed for GPs, practice managers and GP nurses themselves, the Retaining general practice nurses report makes clear how GP nurses leaving their jobs through dissatisfaction, retirement or burnout presents a significant challenge for practices and directly impacts the delivery of clinical care. It offers evidence and guidance on how to retain GP nurses and ensure they are recognised as valued members of practice teams.


Read the guide in full here.


Designed for GP nurses, Taking personal responsibility for your NHS Pension was created as a result of the Retaining general practice nurses report, where nurses raised concerns about lack of knowledge and information as they approached retirement. They often found that their their employers were not in a position to help when they asked them for information.


Read the guide in full here.


General Practice Nurses (GPNs) occupy a unique place in primary care and offer unique strengths, supporting patients throughout their lives and naturally linking with community care, mental health and of course GPs themselves. However, for several reasons, there can still be challenges in recruitment and retention of GPNs in London.


Find out more and listen to the podcast series here.

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